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Ofsted at GFS

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In February, Greenwich Free School received its first Ofsted inspection.  It was not a success.

My take on the inspection:
Part I introduced the inspection.
Part II discussed my experience of inspection as a teacher and middle leader.
Part III considered the accuracy of the report for the school more broadly.
Part IV raised five questions which inspection has left me with.
Part V looked at what happened after the Inspection.
What have I learned from writing about Ofsted? reflected on the experience.

Other takes on the inspection:
The Ofsted report.
The school’s response [Update, 2017: now deleted].
My colleague Will Lau’s account.
The school’s Parent View.

Outside perspectives:

Visitors to the school:
Laura McInerney in the Guardian
Bagehot  in the Economist
Roger Scruton in The Spectator

Interested commentators:
Michael Tidd: Free Schools, Ofsted and Twitter (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly)
Martin Robinson: To have done with the Judgment of Ofsted

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