I’ve spent the last eight years teaching – a year each in Japan and India, and six years in London.  This blog has run for the last couple of those years, primarily focused on my attempts to improve my students’ learning, but also venturing to consider books, research and education abroad.

I’m now in a research role and spend a lot of time visiting classrooms all around the country.

This blog is personal and reflects my opinions only.

If you’re interested in what I’m writing or want to share (or dispute) ideas, feel free to get in touch, via twitter, email or the comments box.

Feel free to use any of this, under the Creative Commons licence described below:

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  1. Doug Wills, HOD History, UWSCEA, Singapore
    Doug Wills, HOD History, UWSCEA, Singapore / 9-29-2013 / ·

    Hello Harry,
    I was discussing the concept of Hinge questions in History with Dylan William last week, and he passed me your name. We have been thinking about them in our dept., and see significant potential for student learning if they are of high quality, although there are also difficulties.
    I’d be interested to share what we have so far & see how far it correlates with your own thinking. I could not access your link on this.
    Please let me know if you are interested & I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Kind Regards,

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