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Education Around the World
Ethical dilemmas
formative assessment

A guide to Improving Teaching

There are now almost 150 posts on this blog.  Here are a few to start with…

Five formative assessment techniques

Hinge questions
Closing the gap marking
Lollipop stick questioning
Increasing wait time
Exit Tickets

Five ways to improve professional development

Leverage observations/instructional coaching
All teacher education should be practice based
What does it take to make CPD effective?
Why good professional development still fails?
Practice-based teacher training: a framework for design and facilitation

Five posts on the power of checklists

What makes checklists transformational?
Checklist: First lesson with a new class
Against checklists: the complexity, professionalism and creativity of teaching
Checklists for students: efficiency, autonomy and excellence in the classroom
Cut workload and reduce stress: checklists

Five policy problems

Mangling British history in pursuit of British values
The Assessment Commission Report
The Ofsted Report: What’s it like to be inspected as a teacher?
Moneyball for schools: can we use data like the Oakland A’s?
How can we preserve teacher wellbeing?

Five posts on history teaching

What might mastery learning look like in history?
Designing school history trips
Unit planning in history teaching
Student misconceptions in history lessons
Helping students write better essays

Five ethical questions

What we talk about when we talk about learning?
Who’s responsible for my students’ folders?
Accepting failure: managing time better as a teacher
Should teachers take the weekend off?
The prevalence of cheating in schools

Five posts which don’t fit the other categories but still seem important

(Mind)-setting students up to succeed: Social-psychological interventions in the classroom
Five psychological findings every teacher should know
Education in Sweden: collapsing results
Why teaching is a gamble
What’s the point of education – an assembly

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